Great Room Lounge

A New Way to Connect

Next generation travelers say they want choices and flexibility so they can have it all. They don't want to choose between a meeting room and a restaurant/bar on the local scene to meet up with business colleagues or friends to work or play. To meet their expectations, Marriott Hotels & Resorts is accelerating the roll out of its great room lobby experience that offers style, comfort, convenience and entertainment for the new generation of travelers.

Designed to meet the needs of today's travelers, the Marriott great room lobby creates a seamless experience merging modern, stylish design and comfort, with greater access to food and beverage, and technology. The lively atmosphere transforms throughout the day, giving guests options to work together or by themselves, socialize in groups, or chill out solo connecting with their social networks while watching the lobby scene unfold.

The Great Room, open from 11 am to midnight, serves your favorite cocktails and light American fare and provides the perfect setting for conversation and relaxation.

Great Room Menu